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Master the Art of Crafting Eye-Catching VFX Videos

In this course, discover my secrets for captivating VFX videos.
From masking to advanced animation and compositing in After Effects.

I'll guide you step by step.

Learn how to create viral-worthy content and master tracking, animation, rotoscoping, compositing, and more.
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Matthew Salley 


3 hours


After Effects




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Unlock the World of Visual Effects

Join me on a creative journey to master crafting amazing VFX videos.

The course covers everything, from basics to advanced techniques, ensuring you create compelling visual effects.

It's a beginner friendly course: we'll start from scratch, building your VFX skills from the ground up.


Geometry Nodes
Geometry Nodes
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What you will learn

  • Mastery of VFX Fundamentals
  • Advanced Techniques in VFX
  • Real-world Application
  • Professional video compositing 


Fundamental knowledge of visual effects:

A basic understanding of concepts and theories in the field of visual effects, including composition, masking, and animation principles, is required.

Familiarity with Adobe After Effects:

Students must have a basic knowledge of the Adobe After Effects software platform. This includes familiarity with the interface, basic tools, and core functions of the program.
The Teacher

Matthew Salley 

My name is Matthew Salley and I am a freelance VFX artist.
I've always learn everything by spending countless hours watching YouTube tutorials. I first started filming videos with an old iPhone 4 and a selfie stick as my tripod and try to add effects to them.

I love looking back and seeing where I started because my passion for creativity started way back then and still hasn’t left.

When I felt confident enough I started reaching out to people who may want VFX work for their videos, a few answered back and to this day I still edit for them. They helped me gain the experience I needed as an artist. And now I edit films for clients with millions of followers and even worked on a few projects for Netflix.

I’m saying all this not to brag but to show you that if you put in the work and build real relationships with people you too can make it far in this industry.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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