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Mastering Cyberpunk Character Animation: From Concept to Creation

On this course you will create a cyberpunk character animation with 3D artist Matthieu Martin, aka Impossible Realities.

Learn  how to  bring  characters  to  life  using  Cinema4D  and  Octane  render,  from texturing  to  facial  animation, and crafting futuristic elements.
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Matthieu Martin


8 hours


Every week for 8 weeks




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Forging Futuristic Character Identity

In this immersive course, we'll take a look into the art of crafting a distinct cyberpunk character identity.

You'll learn to design and add futuristic head implants that seamlessly blend form and function.

Additionally, we'll explore the intricacies of rigging, allowing your character to move naturally and naturally, enhancing the cyberpunk universe you're creating.


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What you will learn

  • Creating and texturing Cyberpunk characters
  • Animating facial movements with rigged joints
  • Designing clothes in Clo3D
  • Exporting and creating sound design


A fundamental understanding of 3D design principles and familiarity with software such as Cinema4D and Octane render.
Moreover, a basic understanding of animation fundamentals and an interest in exploring the cyberpunk genre will significantly enrich your participation in this course.
The Teacher

Matthieu Martin 

My name is Matthieu Martin, also know as Impossible Realities.
I'm living in the vibrant city of Paris, I bring with me a strong background as a skilled 3D designer.

I started my carrer in architecture and graphic design, however my destiny had other plans, guiding me towards an unexpected and the amazing world of 3D design.
Since that moment, I've been entranced by the limitless possibilities it offers for crafting intricate narratives and weaving tales that resonate with audiences.

My artistic endeavors are primarily woven around two central themes.
First, I offer a distinctive perspective on a dystopian future, exploring its complexities and nuances through my work.
Secondly, I find myself profoundly intrigued by fashion, translating my attraction into mesmerizing creations that transcend traditional boundaries.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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