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Mastering Zbrush: Unleash the Power of Stylized Hard Surface

Unveiling secret techniques for highly detailed stylized objects with  ZModeler
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Daria Kochneva


2 hours






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Zbrush Modeling.
Complete guide 

In this module you will learn how to use ZRemesher and ZModeler tips and tricks to create highly detailed stylized pieces. We will consider several ZBrush techniques on each part of the model.

Following the guide step by step you will finally understand main topology principals. You will be able to switch easily from sculpting to polymodeling in order to get clean results and ready to use models. 


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What you will learn

  • Principals of topology and polymodeling in ZBrush
  • Work with polygroups
  • ZRemesher and ZModeler for detailing
  • Quick render tips in KeyShot
  • Advice for your stylized concept 


The primary requirement for this course: 
  • Beginner level of sculpting techniques (at least 4 basic brushes including mask brushes)
  • Pre-installed KeyShot for render (we are going to use ZBrush-KeyShot Bridge file export)
  • Midjourney, Photoshop for easy concept art
The Teacher

Daria Kochneva 

I am a digital artist and concept designer working in media industry creating characters and various items for commercials and music videos. Nevertheless I don't consider myself as a classic concept designer as long as I expand and apply my skills far beyond familiar industry standards also including fashion and contemporary arts.  

I consistently strive to explore new and innovative ways of my work and always pay attention to the details in order to give completeness and additional semantic load.

However the aspect of knowledge of basic rules of modeling and topology is important for production requirements, that's why I receive many questions about how to achieve clean shape and details. I will help you switch from sculpting to polymodeling, combine organics and hard-surface techniques to express yourself as widely as possible.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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