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Shape Your First Zbrush Model

Uncover the art of 3D sculpting in this captivating course! Dive into the advanced features of ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Blender to craft amazing models.

From the very first model to textures and animation, this course reveals the secrets of creating authentic and stunning 3D art.
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Artur Arepyev


3.2 hours






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Mastering 3D Sculpting and Realistic Texturing

Embark on a comprehensive journey to master the art of 3D sculpting. Discover the creative power of ZBrush as you shape and refine your models, from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques.

Dive into the techniques of UV mapping and learn to bring your models to life with textures using Substance Painter.

Unlock the potential of color selection masks for intricate detailing, and elevate your texturing skills to achieve remarkable, lifelike results.


Sculpting in Zbrush
Zbrush & Substance Painter
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What you will learn

  • Detailed 3D Sculpting
  • Advanced Texturing Techniques
  • Model Optimization and Workflows
  • Spectacular Animation and Rendering


It is recommended that participants have a solid grasp of the following software tools
  • ZBrush 2023
  • Blender 3.2 or later
  • Substance Painter.
  • GeoScatter plugin for Blender
  • ACES OCIO color management (optional), will contribute to a more comprehensive learning journey.
The Teacher

Artur Arepyev

I am Artur Arepyev, a 3D generalist known for my contributions to acclaimed projects like Gran Turismo, Wheel of Time, and Nosferatu.
My journey has led me to meticulously process 3D scans, elevating them for seamless integration into the production pipeline.
Now, my expertise shines in Unreal Engine and the art of character creation through ZBrush.

My passion drives in sculpting immersive visual narratives, and my joy lies in imparting knowledge. As your guide in this transformative journey, I will empower you with the skills to sculpt lifelike 3D wonders from inception to realization.

With confidence, I assure you that this course will be your stepping stone to excel in the dynamic of 3D creation.

Enroll today and let the learning start!
Patrick Jones - Course author

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